Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Usage of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for Floor

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for floor is the unique function of this paint you just do not expect. This paint can be applied on anything from wooden surface, metal surface, plastic surface, even to fabric. Thus, the paint can be applied to floor as well. Painting your floor with this kind of paint will give a vintage look to your house. The classic vintage look with vintage pale color palette is very easy on the eyes and can turn your house into a unique vintage themed house. Beside the floor, you can also paint the old furniture in your house using this paint. There will be no more old boring look furniture in your house as you can repaint your old boring look furniture into marvelous vintage furniture that everyone will admire. If you are interested in painting your floor with this paint, below is more information about the usage of AnnieSloan Chalk Paint for floor.

Painting Wooden Floors

The Chalk Paint can be used for painting wooden floors. It will give great vintage effect and it can be used for either as a wash for the floor or thickly applied to give solid color to the floor. Before you can apply the paint on the whole surface of the floor, it is suggestible that you test the paint first in several places. It has to be done because sometimes a brown stain can come through the paint and ruin the overall look of the floor. If this “bleeding” happens, use “French polish” first to coat the surface of the floor. Give one or two coats of the polish using a brush or a cloth before you apply the paint. To get the best result of the painting, use a sponge roller. It will make the job done quicker and avoid the paint layer from being too thick. Once you are done with the painting, do not use too much water to clear the floor and do not use bleach to clear the painted floor. This paint is best for floors in dry area and not recommended to be used to paint floor in the wet area.

Painting Concrete Floors

The usage of  the Chalk Paint for floor is not stopped in wooden floors. This paint can also be used for painting concrete floor. Before you start to paint, clean the surface of the floor and use a sponge roller to paint the floor. It will give you the best result of the painting. It will also make the job done quicker and avoid the paint layer from being too thick.